A Dog a Day

In my last (and ahem... first) blog, I may have mentioned, that I was thinking about creating a book about my dog Remy. Well, I’ve actually been thinking about it a lot and have got a loose idea for a story.


There’s going to be a lot of dogs in this book and I’ve been doing some research while at the dog park. I love seeing all the different shapes and sizes and different personalities. Of the dogs too. Haha. 

There are so many varieties. There’s the two big, black dogs that look like humans dressed up in dog outfits, walking on all fours. There’s the ones that are totally fixated on balls. There’s snobby dogs, friendly dogs, grumpy dogs and happy dogs. There’s precious dogs, butch dogs, fast dogs and and slow dogs. There are the bully dogs and the loners. And there’s the one that belongs to the unicyclist.

So, knowing how sidetracked I can get with other projects that I know I have to do, (but wish I didn’t) I’ve decided to set myself a challenge and draw a dog a day for 60 days. This should give me a good body of dogs for my book and hopefully help me extend myself to draw different types of dogs. Although, having said that, there may be more than one or two of Remy. 

To create some sort of accountability for myself, I’m going to post one a day on my Instagram page, lorettesbooks if you'd like to have a look.

Remy, my muse

I've never been good at doing nothing.

I've always thought, that in the time I'm not at my teaching jobs, I had to be working on my books. Otherwise, I wouldn't be using my time wisely.

But sometimes when I thought I was doing something, I was actually doing nothing.

drawing yellow.jpg

If the ideas weren't coming I’d force myself to sit at my desk, or beat myself up if I didn't.       Then along came Remy. That’s him to the left.

Here's another picture of him.

One day when I was manically flitting from one thing to the next, Remy looked at me and sighed. I think he was saying, “Relax, there's more to life than work alone. How about we go for a walk. It’ll be fun.” Anyway, whatever he said, it worked. I grabbed the leash and off we went.

running .jpg

He was right. It was fun. And totally liberating. Instead of begrudgingly taking him for a walk, thinking I was wasting time, I found myself, pardon the cliche, living in the moment.

And even though, I wasn't thinking about the book I was working on, I somehow solved a problem I was having with it.

Not only, did Remy remind me that I should stop, and smell the roses, (and pick up the dog poo) but also, removing myself from the project I was working on, gave me the space I needed.

Remy reminds me constantly that I can make too many demands on myself. Sometimes it's better to take some time out and just see what happens.

Also, he may just be the main character for my next book.